About Me

Business is my passion.  Some of my earliest memories are of sitting down in the morning with a big bowl of Fruit Loops and reading the business section of the local paper – paying special attention to corporate earnings and the previous day’s stock tickers.  It started with the local paper, but I soon graduated to the Wall Street Journal and by the time I finished high school I had already read most of the most famous economic papers and treatises: Keynes, Hayek, Friedman and of course Adam Smith.  I couldn’t get enough.  I also enjoyed reading the classical writings of Plato, Marcus Aurelius, and Cicero while I was still a teen.

During my time in community college I became fascinated with legal texts and started taking some legal studies courses.  Through the guidance of excellent professors, I went on to university having read some of the greatest cases in the history of the United States and multiple treatises written by some of the greatest legal minds in history.  Going into university, it came as no surprise to my family when I opted to study economics as my major – a natural extension of all of the academic ventures I had to that point.  Most of my friends and family expected me to pursue law school after graduation (I was, after all, the mock trial coach and go to tutor for many of the legal studies students); however, nearing the end of my last year, I decided being an attorney wasn’t something I was passionate about and taking on six figure debt to pursue a career that wasn’t exciting for me just didn’t make good fiscal or personal sense.  Instead, I went on to work for a local sheriff’s department.  It’s there that I learned some simple things about life.  I’ve learned about empathy, and active listening, and most importantly, I’ve learned about how little kindness costs.  The job has also provided me an active opportunity to learn about who I want to be going forward both professionally and personally.

The Start of Cash Flow Celt

My friends have always known me to be “the money guy”.  The guy who has a budget for his budget and is always looking for ways to preserve and grow savings rather than spend it.  That’s always been me.  I can’t count the conversations with friends where they want to know about what they should do about debt, budgeting, and retirement.  In some respect, the Cash Flow Celt has existed for over a decade.  The recommendations that I give my friends are the same ones I follow myself and, consequently, will be the same recommendations I give to my readers.

My background is a little different than other finance bloggers.  I didn’t go into a Wall Street job and bring home six figures my first year working.  I also didn’t start a small business and make it super successful.  I’m just an honest, hard-working blue collar guy who got a public education and works a government job.  However, I believe that through careful planning and consumption smoothing even a working class person can retire a millionaire.  Being an Average Joe, many of the struggles that you face, I also face.  Things like “how do I make my savings goal this month when my kid had an unexpected hospitalization” or “is my work mutual fund working for me” are things I’ve had to struggle with.

Another that that’s different about me is my education in economics that has spanned my lifetime.  That allows me to take a more holistic view about our current economic situations because I’ve read the various texts from antiquity to now.  This also lets me give some pretty awesome history-driven anecdotes for you all to enjoy.

The Future

This is my journey and I hope to be incredibly candid about it.  I’ll struggle sometimes and I will excel sometimes.  Hopefully though I can dispel some of the common money myths and give you an applicable view of managing your finances that will help you retire comfortably.  I know what my number to retire is, and I know what the Future Value formula in Excel tells me I should have, but it takes real decisions and sweat to hit the goals I’ve set for myself.  For what it’s worth, I’m currently ahead of schedule when it comes to retirement.

I hope you enjoy the blog and if you ever have any questions, or some excellent blog topics, feel free to contact me at cashflowcelt@gmail.com.  I check the e-mail a few times a week and try to respond as quickly as I can.  Also be sure to “like” my page on Facebook so you can receive all the newest updates and content.  Finally, if you live in the Orlando area and would like a cash flow and budget consultation from the Cash Flow Celt be sure to email me at that address.

Together, let’s conquer our financial empires!

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