Attitude is Everything – Change in 2017

There is a catchphrase that tends to reemerge every year from its digital coffin.  At its core, it’s just another ‘attitude is everything’ phrases that tries to amp you up.  Well, this year it worked on me.  “Don’t Quit Your Daydream” is the particular phrase I’m talking about.  From what I can tell, it started back in 2009 as an Indie film that did surprisingly well; however, in 2012 the self-help industry picked it up and ran away (probably to the bank) with it.

The phrase caught me this year because I’ve been looking into the Celtic Crystal Ball and future-gazing a lot recently.  I’ve got a plethora of calculated risks that I’ll be taking later this year that will dramatically affect my life.  My attitude on life has changed because of those risks.  I’ve got to stay dedicated and motivated if I expect to succeed.

Attitude is the First Step

I’ll be completely honest with everyone here: I am terrified of this upcoming year.  Amazing since my last post was so upbeat and this one started out that way.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for my future, and I think I’m ready to take these risks.  However, it doesn’t change the fact that the future is unknown.  I could flourish under the pressure or I could crumble and financially ruin myself for the next decade.  I could also place somewhere in the middle and just kinda ‘do’.  No one knows.

To try and give myself the best edge though, I keep a positive mindset.  That means establishing a routine and sticking to it.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out.  50,000 search results for people writing about the morning routines of billionaires.  There has to be some truth.  In order to be the best you can be, you must program yourself to win and that starts with a routine.

The Purpose of Self-Help

Because attitude is such an important part of one’s self, it’s no surprise that there is a market for attitude reinforcement.  In fact, the self-help industry is a $10 BILLION industry and expected to grow at 5-7% per year.  Books, classes, podcasts, there is all kinds of material out there for those seeking to change their mindset.

Personally, I don’t read those generic self-help books.  Anything whose plot is “change your mind, change your life” is rubbish.  I want to learn something with my time.  I read biographies of successful people and I also enjoy reading niche books that talk about soft skills.  For an example of the type of niche books, check out “Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking” or “The Four-Hour Workweek”.  Part of being successful and keeping up your motivation is to be constantly engaged and learning.  That said, “change your mind, change your life” has a place.  I do it every day.  But don’t engage your precious time reading about it.  Open Youtube and search for motivational videos.

So, what is the purpose of self-help learning?  In a word, motivation.  However, there is so much more to it than ‘just’ motivation.  By continually dabbling in self-help material you train your mind to always be looking for the next big thing.  When it gets hard, and I want to quit, listening to a guy like Eric Thomas, who went from homelessness to an empire, makes me remember that I can do it.  I just have to keep trying.  Then I look at how to improve my routine.  I read about some impressive magnate and I learn what worked for him.  I’ve done two things now, I’ve re-energized myself for the coming tasks and I’ve found some new tips for my routine.  I constantly optimize my routine using the success’ and failures of those before me.  I’m saving myself time by not learning through trial and error.


One of my loyal followers, Jack Catchem, pontificated that it was the oppressive attention to detail that separated the successful wheat from the ‘normal’ chaff.  I’m apt to agree.  However, this attention to detail isn’t some OCD problem where every book on the shelf has to be aligned just right and sorted by color.  It’s the idea that routines are established to make life easier, so that when it’s time to work they don’t have ANY mental fatigue.  It’s an idea that every day is planned before it happens – like some omnipotent puppet master.  Your attitude is what decides whether or not the routine is choking or just the price of greatness.

Attitude is What YOU Make it

Change Your Attitude!

So how will you start the year?  Will it be another same ole same ole, or will you take control and change your life?  When we pass from this Earth the only thing that remains is our reputation.  So, what will people say of you?  When people talk about me, I hope they say I was a go-getter and not afraid of life.  I want people to remember how I worked my tail off for what I had.  And I hope if I die tomorrow, they’ll say I died way too young; I am only 27 after all!  I want you change your life for the better.  Run the race, take the risk, make the jump, do the thing.  Tackle whatever obstacle is keeping you from a better version of you.  Whatever the year has in store for you. . . Don’t quit your day dream.

Celts, what goals do you have for 2017?  Is this the year you break out of your cubicle farm and start working for yourself?  Let me know in the comments below!  And if you have any great recommendations for self-help books, please share so other readers can benefit.

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  1. Jack Catchem says:

    Thanks for the tag!

    Unfortunately I am a perfect “#2” man. So no self initiated activities. Who wants to be Gru when you could be a minion? Those guys look like they are having fun.

    On the personal level 2017 is starting with a bang when I declared a Dry-uary. No coffee, no alcohol. It’s always good to have an answer to the question “do you control it or does it control you?” I still have a feral addiction to green tea to replace the other two. I’m ambitious, not insane.

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