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Economics of Volunteering - Hands & feet together 1

Economics of Volunteering

I had an ideas meeting with some higher-ups at my job today to talk out the future of a project I’m pitching.  This project isn’t something that is a part of my job – far from, as it involves criminal diversion for juveniles – but it’s something I’m passionate about...

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Off to College! Or Are They?

It’s the end of May and inevitably you’ve seen Facebook become inundated with more and more pictures of boys and girls donning graduation robes as they walk the stage and leave high school forever.  Congratulations to them, no doubt.  But now they’re posed with a big decision – to continue...

Manage Your Time After 40 Hours 6

Working the 40 Hour Lie

I was browsing Facebook the other day, and got into a personal finance discussion on a friend’s thread.  The post itself was about how people in poverty are some of the most resourceful people ever; likely true, considering our impoverished aren’t dying by the daily dozen, rather they’re stretching scarce...

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