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Staying Safe Online Requires Virtual Awareness 2

Identity Theft – Awareness is Safety

It’s December and that means the holiday season.  A season where happiness reigns for a brief moment, and neighbors get along a smidge better.  It’s also the season of giving and being thankful for what you have.  Just be careful not to give away too much.  December is the Identity...

Causes of Identity Theft 2

Identity Theft: The Unwelcome Holiday Guest

Now that the Celtic family are coming back from their trip to Phan for the Thanksgiving week, it’s officially holiday season!  I’ve always loved the holidays.  I know a lot of people don’t have good childhood memories and I feel bad for them, because my memories have always been great. ...

Financial literacy leads to success 2

Financial Literacy: 5 Reasons You Should Have it

One of the major reasons I started this blog was because my friends asked for it.  Many of them asked for it because they were entering, or finishing, law school and were faced with enormous debt loads and were coming to an age where they were becoming classier consumers.  Trading...


Avoid Ruining Your Finances With These 6 Tips

Personal finance is an everyday endeavor.  It is present in nearly every decision you make from the time you get up; to the time you go to bed.  Ironically, because finances are so ingrained into our daily living it actually becomes harder to do well by your budget.  Imagine having...

The Benefits of a Good Credit Score 5

The Benefits of a Good Credit Score

Talk to anyone and they’ll tell you a high score is a good credit score.  Press them any further, and they may not have much insight into how else a good credit score benefits you.  Essentially, a credit score is an investment grade for people.  Just as we rate government...

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