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Tax Free Weekend: The Dastardly Political Deed

It’s August and it’s nearly back to school.  Parents shall soon be free of their little gremlins.  Free of babysitting or summer camp costs associated with the summer and free of Timmy and Suzy complaining of being bored.  Free, free, freeeee!  As parents wait with giddy anticipation for the start...

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Tax Talking: Touching on the Basics

There are few things in finance, that I believe are ABSOLUTELY necessary for everyone to know.  Taxes are one of those things.  They serve an integral part of our society and have everyday roles and ramifications.  On the government side, they are revenue for infrastructure and well as behavior modification...


The True Cost of War

I’ve got a friend on Facebook who is a bit of a tough guy and serves in the Army.  He’s a power lifter and weight lifting is an extreme hobby of his.  He’s very laid back, but still an incredibly strong personality – probably the reason he was promoted to...

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The Venezuela Lesson

If you’ve been following the news at all, you may have seen a multitude of articles about the crisis in Venezuela.  It’s absolutely tragic over there with no food, 500% inflation, a declining government, and most recently, no electricity as government mandated blackouts sweep the country.  An average day begins...

A Rounded Look at the Flat Tax 2

A Rounded Look at the Flat Tax

It’s an election cycle AND it’s the close of tax season, so what’s more appropriate than talking taxes?  Taxes are a funny thing when it comes to election time – everyone has an opinion, and they can make or break elections for a politician.  Taxes pay for the services we...

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