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How to Make Money Using Common Sense Investing Strategies

Who knows more about the Brexit today than they did two weeks ago?  Probably all of us.  In the days that have followed, specifically trading days, we have seen so much volatility and price fluctuations it is reminiscent of the August 2015 crash.  What it means for the average investor...

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Off to College! Or Are They?

It’s the end of May and inevitably you’ve seen Facebook become inundated with more and more pictures of boys and girls donning graduation robes as they walk the stage and leave high school forever.  Congratulations to them, no doubt.  But now they’re posed with a big decision – to continue...

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The Venezuela Lesson

If you’ve been following the news at all, you may have seen a multitude of articles about the crisis in Venezuela.  It’s absolutely tragic over there with no food, 500% inflation, a declining government, and most recently, no electricity as government mandated blackouts sweep the country.  An average day begins...

Manage Your Time After 40 Hours 6

Working the 40 Hour Lie

I was browsing Facebook the other day, and got into a personal finance discussion on a friend’s thread.  The post itself was about how people in poverty are some of the most resourceful people ever; likely true, considering our impoverished aren’t dying by the daily dozen, rather they’re stretching scarce...

Apple Loss, Bears Win 0

Using Apple’s Loss for Your Gain

It’s all over the business news section – Apple missed their quarterly earnings mark.  They made $1.90 in earnings per share compared to the estimated $2 per share that Wall Street predicted.  The Street reacted and has so far have dropped the stock approximately 10% down to just under $95...

A Rounded Look at the Flat Tax 2

A Rounded Look at the Flat Tax

It’s an election cycle AND it’s the close of tax season, so what’s more appropriate than talking taxes?  Taxes are a funny thing when it comes to election time – everyone has an opinion, and they can make or break elections for a politician.  Taxes pay for the services we...

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