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How to Make a Budget

One of the essential tools in staying on track with your money is creating a budget.  It’s incredibly simple to do, with many free and paid apps to help you along, and it is the single most effective way to get ahead financially.  Sadly though, it’s one of the most...

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Using Apple’s Loss for Your Gain

It’s all over the business news section – Apple missed their quarterly earnings mark.  They made $1.90 in earnings per share compared to the estimated $2 per share that Wall Street predicted.  The Street reacted and has so far have dropped the stock approximately 10% down to just under $95...

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What’s Your Number?

The news media is fascinating to me.  If you search “Millennial’s saving rate” on Google you receive back a myriad of results running the spectrum from awesome to financial apocalypse.  TIME has a report about how Millennials are outpacing everyone but Baby Boomer’s when it comes to their savings rate,...


Investing in the IRA Alphabet Soup

One of the most frustrating things about retirement planning is simply the multitude of choices: deferred comp, IRA accounts, SEPs, 457s – it’s enough to make your head spin.  You could always take a gander at the IRS website for a brief explanation of each type of account, but bring...


Investing at a Young Age

  Why should I be investing at a young age? I hear this question a great deal from my friends and a quick search on the internet finds it echoed frequently in online forums.  This makes me wonder, with all this literature out there, how come we don’t see more...

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