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The Fitbit Headache – Making Whiskey Sour with Lemons

Published November 8, 2016 in Stocks - 1 Comment
Bridge Closed to Fitbit wealth

I have a headache.  It’s been constant for about 10 months now.  The bright side, I know exactly what’s causing it.  The bad news is that I can’t pull the trigger to get rid of it.  The source of my nagging condition is, none other, then Fitbit’s stock price.

I bought Fitbit stock back in January at $21.91 a share.  I only bought it because I was bullish on the wearables market and Fitbit was the big guy on campus.  At the time, they had no debt to speak of and owned the market share.  They had also gotten over their IPO volatility period.  I was super confident about this stock and had set myself a price target of $27.  For the record, at the time, most of the major investment funds were targeting around $32-34.

Just so we’re clear: I still own stock in Fitbit.  This is not an advertisement.  This is a lesson about the marketplace. Continue reading

Ruger Stock Study: Making Money out of Lemons

Published July 18, 2016 in Stocks - 0 Comments

As someone who works with law enforcement for my day job, it’s getting hard to watch the news.  Between Dallas and Baton Rouge and the overall distaste for law enforcement in general, it’s just too sad.  The amazing thing is how they feel about all of the hate.  I’ve asked a few of them, “How do you wake up every day, put on the badge, and go to work?  Aren’t you scared?”  They all answer the same way.  Yeah, they’re scared, but now more than ever, they need to wear the badge.  With all of the hate and violence, they feel the need to try and protect our communities with even more fervor.  It baffled me to hear that over and over.  It’s why I could never do their job.

As sad as I find all of these anti-LEO sentiments, I would be remiss to not at least identify potential movements in the stock market because of them.  News media can drive stock movements in either direction (Want proof?  Here’s how I made 32% on the Brexit).  If you do some research on Google Trends you can see that as Obama prepared to take office, search topics related to guns started to increase.  Coincidentally, the share price for Ruger ($RGR) and Smith & Wesson ($SWHC), along with their trading volume, increased drastically.  Gun stocks, and other home-security type stocks benefitted greatly from the idea that Obama was “coming to take our guns!”

Currently, because of all the violence and shootings going on in the country, I’m contemplating buying some Ruger shares (or possibly some other gun stock) and would like to share my thoughts with my readers. Continue reading

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