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The Apple Tax – Is $15 Billion Fair?

Published September 9, 2016 in Government , Policy Analysis , Taxes - 3 Comments
Measuring the Apple Tax

Between Brock Turner’s release from jail and Kaepernick’s refusal to stand the EU Apple tax went under the radar for many people.  It’s actually a fairly interesting case though!  This “Apple tax” is to the tune of $15Billion dollars.  Which is a fairly small portion of Apple’s oversea industries.  They could pay this tax, repatriate all of their offshore earnings at 35%, and still have over $100 billion left over for dividends and investments.  So the money isn’t the issue.

The issue is one of fairness and paying your share.  To be fair, I don’t think news sources are doing this case justice.  Those who are for the tax aren’t being considerate of the fact that Apple acted in good faith.  Those who are against the tax aren’t taking into consideration the special treatment and tax evasion that Apple went through.

Personally, I refuse to buy Apple products.  I think they’re morally perverse and I find their product quality versus their product pricing to be flawed.  You pay more for less.  However, the EU commission is going about this the wrong way.  They’re trying to enforce a rule that doesn’t exist, for actions that preceded the current version of the EU. Continue reading

Tax Talking: Touching on the Basics

Published July 15, 2016 in Government , Taxes - 0 Comments
State of our taxes

There are few things in finance, that I believe are ABSOLUTELY necessary for everyone to know.  Taxes are one of those things.  They serve an integral part of our society and have everyday roles and ramifications.  On the government side, they are revenue for infrastructure and well as behavior modification to reduce things like smoking and drinking.  On the citizen and business side, they’re the bane of our existence.  I know everyone has their opinion on taxes, but they do serve an important role in our society.  More importantly, they’re probably not going away anytime soon either.

Because taxes are as inevitable as death, I’d like to break down some of the tax basics.  Just some terminology and basic application of core concepts.  It’s easy to surf the web, especially around April, and see incredibly misleading headlines.  I remember the old one that simply said “Warren Buffett pays less in taxes than his secretary.”  I was so annoyed!  The headline implied that Buffett paid less in total taxes.  There is simply no way.  Yet many people believed it and began to repeat it: “Buffett pays less taxes than his secretary.”  It was a simple misunderstanding of vocabulary. Continue reading

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