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Professional Hardships? Let us know! 7

Sleepover at the Sheriff! What I learned About Professional Hardships

In every job, you will have professional hardships.  I had my first major one while working at the sheriff’s office.  As most of you know, Central Florida was hit by Hurricane Matthew this week.  I’m a dispatcher, so I’m considered part of the essential emergency staffing.  This meant that, from 5:30 AM...


The Value of DIY Renovations

This past weekend, I ventured into the wilderness that was my backyard.  We’re talking months of neglect.  We have a lawn guy for the front, and it’s a fairly large yard for our area.  It’s also more than adequate for our Mini-Celt, so we had no use for the backyard. ...

Financial literacy leads to success 2

Financial Literacy: 5 Reasons You Should Have it

One of the major reasons I started this blog was because my friends asked for it.  Many of them asked for it because they were entering, or finishing, law school and were faced with enormous debt loads and were coming to an age where they were becoming classier consumers.  Trading...

Brand Management Cloud 3

The Fall of Theranos: A Brand Management Study

There is a healthcare company in Silicon Valley that is currently under fire.  Full disclosure: I was awe struck by the company and the potential it had if the claims were true.  I’ve been following them now for nearly two years.  Their product would have been a revolutionary change to...

Wells Fargo Grave 5

Why Wells Fargo Should get the Death Penalty

I love a good bank drama.  Watching executives get called up to Capitol Hill and watching question after question fired at them and seeing them squirm; it’s great fun.  I’m by no means anti-banking though.  I went to school for economics and even got offered a job at a boutique...

Measuring the Apple Tax 3

The Apple Tax – Is $15 Billion Fair?

Between Brock Turner’s release from jail and Kaepernick’s refusal to stand the EU Apple tax went under the radar for many people.  It’s actually a fairly interesting case though!  This “Apple tax” is to the tune of $15Billion dollars.  Which is a fairly small portion of Apple’s oversea industries.  They...


Hillary Clinton Economic Plan – Part 2

Hello readers!  This is the review of the Clinton economic plan.  It’s the final part in what has been an incredibly laboring article series.  I’ve always researched my candidates for election and spent a few hours doing so.  However, to double back and then check sources, facts, and figures only...


Hillary Clinton Tax and Economic Plan – Part 1

Like I promised in the Donald Trump presidency breakdown (part 1 and part 2), I said I would keep it fair and look at Hillary Clinton’s platform as well.  I put it off a few days knowing that, unlike Trump’s piecemeal platform, she would have a fully-rounded and comprehensive plan. ...

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