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Donald Trump’s Economic and Tax Policy – Part 1

With August coming to a close, and the battle for the U.S. Presidency about to come full steam, I thought it fitting to review each candidate’s economic policy.  This is a personal finance blog after all, and what is more key to personal finances than taxes and jobs?  This is...

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Vacation: Helping Unwind Since the Beginning of Time

I haven’t posted in a week, and I’m rearing to go now. Undoubtedly, you’ve noticed and I know it’s been hard. Luckily, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Well, Cash Flow Celt is back in action after a week vacation. The CFC family took a trip to the beach...


Tax Free Weekend: The Dastardly Political Deed

It’s August and it’s nearly back to school.  Parents shall soon be free of their little gremlins.  Free of babysitting or summer camp costs associated with the summer and free of Timmy and Suzy complaining of being bored.  Free, free, freeeee!  As parents wait with giddy anticipation for the start...


July Book Review: Outliers – Story of Success

The July Book Review!  Now in August!  Yeah, yeah, I know I’m late; however, I was feeling a little under the weather towards the end of July.  To make up for it, I’ll be reviewing a book that has become a standard-bearer for reading by new corporate recruits.  Outliers: The...


Avoid Ruining Your Finances With These 6 Tips

Personal finance is an everyday endeavor.  It is present in nearly every decision you make from the time you get up; to the time you go to bed.  Ironically, because finances are so ingrained into our daily living it actually becomes harder to do well by your budget.  Imagine having...


Ruger Stock Study: Making Money out of Lemons

As someone who works with law enforcement for my day job, it’s getting hard to watch the news.  Between Dallas and Baton Rouge and the overall distaste for law enforcement in general, it’s just too sad.  The amazing thing is how they feel about all of the hate.  I’ve asked...

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Tax Talking: Touching on the Basics

There are few things in finance, that I believe are ABSOLUTELY necessary for everyone to know.  Taxes are one of those things.  They serve an integral part of our society and have everyday roles and ramifications.  On the government side, they are revenue for infrastructure and well as behavior modification...

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