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Cash Flow Celt - View Money 2

Relationship Advice From the Celt: How Do You View Money?

In my last article, I talked about how the Lady Celt and I interact when it comes to money.  However, I didn’t really talk about how we view money.  More importantly, I didn’t even mention how we came to view money the same way!  I’d like to brighten up that...


The Value of DIY Renovations

This past weekend, I ventured into the wilderness that was my backyard.  We’re talking months of neglect.  We have a lawn guy for the front, and it’s a fairly large yard for our area.  It’s also more than adequate for our Mini-Celt, so we had no use for the backyard. ...

Financial literacy leads to success 2

Financial Literacy: 5 Reasons You Should Have it

One of the major reasons I started this blog was because my friends asked for it.  Many of them asked for it because they were entering, or finishing, law school and were faced with enormous debt loads and were coming to an age where they were becoming classier consumers.  Trading...


Avoid Ruining Your Finances With These 6 Tips

Personal finance is an everyday endeavor.  It is present in nearly every decision you make from the time you get up; to the time you go to bed.  Ironically, because finances are so ingrained into our daily living it actually becomes harder to do well by your budget.  Imagine having...

Budgeting for Christmas - Beach getaway 0

Budgeting for Christmas Before it Matters

Does anyone hear that?  The faint sound of the Christmas Creep groaning awake from its six-month slumber.  I think I can definitely hear the bellow of a thousand sleigh bells tuning their pitch for their yearly debut; the Christmas Creep has come again.  While I don’t condone anyone going out...

Credit Score gets Credit Cards 2

Credit Scores: How I went from 500 to 720

I’ve been thinking about my credit score recently.  I purchased my car last year and will have it paid off in the next two months by paying additional payments.  My interest rate was 5.6%, so the opportunity cost to pay the scheduled payments over 48 months was very high which...

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