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Avocados Cost Millennials a Chance at Prosperity

Hey everyone, I’m a Millennial.  Rather shocking I’m sure.  It’s amazing a young fella like me can find time to write a blog in between stuffing myself with avocado toast and mochachinnos and working 24 hours a week.  If you didn’t catch the reference, you’ve probably avoided reading the news...

septic tank vs sewer 4

Septic Tank vs. Sewer: Fight of the Century

Here it is ladies and gents, the battle of the century.  A colossal and magnificent foray between two heavyweight contenders.  A battle that has raged on for decades and will continue for many more to come!  What will the Fates decide at the end of this story?  Only time will...


How to Decide on an Offer Price for a House

I’m always looking for new and exciting things to write about.  Especially when those ideas come from readers of the blog.  Consequently, I was fishing for ideas from some of my co-workers at my sheriff’s agency when one of them posed an excellent topic.  How the heck do you decide...


The Value of DIY Renovations

This past weekend, I ventured into the wilderness that was my backyard.  We’re talking months of neglect.  We have a lawn guy for the front, and it’s a fairly large yard for our area.  It’s also more than adequate for our Mini-Celt, so we had no use for the backyard. ...

Adventures in Home Buying 7

Adventures in Home Buying

For those who know me, they know real estate is one of my favorite asset classes.  Over the long term it can be used as a hedge on inflation because market prices tend to follow yearly CPI increases, plus if you buy in a developing area you can accrue a...

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