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Cash Flow Celt Relationship Advice 8

Finances and Fiancés: Relationship Advice From the Celt

Everybody knows the facts.  40% of all first marriages end in divorce.  Interestingly enough, there is a lot of evidence to support the idea that those statistics were created rather than found.  However, communication is still one of the largest downfalls to any relationship.  Money tends to be pretty high...

Bridge Closed to Fitbit wealth 1

The Fitbit Headache – Making Whiskey Sour with Lemons

I have a headache.  It’s been constant for about 10 months now.  The bright side, I know exactly what’s causing it.  The bad news is that I can’t pull the trigger to get rid of it.  The source of my nagging condition is, none other, then Fitbit’s stock price. I...

Using the Roth IRA to Find the Way Out of the Retirement Maze 2

Roth IRA Explained

In my article “Investing in the IRA Alphabet Soup” I fangirled about the Roth IRA and hinted I may do a dedicated post at some point.  WELL HERE IT IS!  An in-depth look at the Roth IRA and why, if you’re eligible to have one, you should totally have one. ...


Investing in the IRA Alphabet Soup

One of the most frustrating things about retirement planning is simply the multitude of choices: deferred comp, IRA accounts, SEPs, 457s – it’s enough to make your head spin.  You could always take a gander at the IRS website for a brief explanation of each type of account, but bring...

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