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Debt or Retirement: A Modern Day Sophie’s Choice

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, spoke at a financial conference once and said some interesting things.  One thing that stuck out for me, all this time later, was his comment about American consumer health.  He said we’re doing great in terms of debt.  That’s what he said.  What he...


Valentine’s Day 2017: Pick-up Lines for Champions

I promised you all an extra post for Valentine’s Day in my last article.  I’m nothing if not a man of my word. So, in tune for our special, sappy holiday I’d like to present you some pick-up lines.  Not just ANY pick-up lines of course.  These are special.  They’re...

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Military Contract Bonuses: Government Claw Back Edition

I’ve got a lot of respect for the military.  They endure things that the average person could not cope with.  This is especially true during a wartime situation like the United States has been faced with since 2001.  We send our men and women to serve all across the globe. ...

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Budgeting for Christmas Before it Matters

Does anyone hear that?  The faint sound of the Christmas Creep groaning awake from its six-month slumber.  I think I can definitely hear the bellow of a thousand sleigh bells tuning their pitch for their yearly debut; the Christmas Creep has come again.  While I don’t condone anyone going out...

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Credit Scores: How I went from 500 to 720

I’ve been thinking about my credit score recently.  I purchased my car last year and will have it paid off in the next two months by paying additional payments.  My interest rate was 5.6%, so the opportunity cost to pay the scheduled payments over 48 months was very high which...

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Off to College! Or Are They?

It’s the end of May and inevitably you’ve seen Facebook become inundated with more and more pictures of boys and girls donning graduation robes as they walk the stage and leave high school forever.  Congratulations to them, no doubt.  But now they’re posed with a big decision – to continue...

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